Experience Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions & Get the Most Natural, Light-Weight & Comfortable Hair You've Ever Had!

Get the Most Natural, Light-Weight & Comfortable Hair You’ve Ever Had,
With the Same Fullness You’ve Always Dreamt Of!

Why Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions?

Not only will you have the most natural, light-weight, comfortable hair you’ve ever had…


no one will believe you have extensions until you actually show them!


AND, they do less damage, hide better in the hair and they won’t slip out!


SO, if you want to Experience Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions in Your Own Hair, and FINALLY Get the Natural, Full, Light-Weight & Comfortable Hair You’ve Always Dreamt of…

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  • There’s No Glue or Tape Involved!



Since there is no glue or tape involved, the removal process is quick and simple and only takes about 5 minutes…

  • NBR™ Hair Extensions Do Less Damage, Hide Better, and Won’t Slip Out!


Natural Beaded Rows ™ Hair Extension Method is 100% unique, crafted experience and diligent searching to create the absolute BEST Hair Extension Method on the market.

The NBR Experience with Me

Upon Your Arrival

You will be greeted by me or my assistant with happy smiles and a warm hello! If you arrive early, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, tea, ice water and nibble on a snack that I have available in our waiting area.

I know your time is valuable and I pride myself on keeping a tight schedule so, we should get started right on time!

At your first visit

 We will review what we initially discussed during our phone consultation. We will cover your long term goals, the pictures you uploaded of your dream hair, your likes, your dislikes and then the roadmap for how we will make your dream hair a reality!

We will also talk about how to take care of your new hair. What not to do, how to brush and with what type of brush, shampoo and conditioner to use, etc. 

This is an exciting transformation and takes a little bit of time. Expect to be with me for about four hours on your first visit.